Breezycon will having gaming! Please see the specific game for schedules, requirements, and instructions.

Jackbox Games

The Royal Manticoran Navy


Jackbox Games on Zoom

All Sessions on Saturday, November 14, 2020

11:00am - All Ages | 3:00pm - All Ages | 10:00pm - Adults Only

Join on Zoom

How to Play

You will need 2 devices. Once to interact with Zoom and one to use as your game controller.

On the device (PC, tablet, phone) you are using as the controller, open a browser to

When the game starts, enter the 4 letter code shown on the game screen and your name to join the game.

If you get stuck, please speak out or send a chat message. We have spacers standing by to help.

Flash Point Fire Rescue

We'll be running Flash Point Fire Rescue in our #flash-point-fire-rescue Discord channel on Saturday, November 14 from 10:00am until (at least) 4:00pm. This is a cooperative fire fighting game for up to six people; it's easy to learn and fun to play. Can you rescue seven victims from the burning house before it collapses? Each game should take about 45 minutes to an hour; when one game finishes, we'll start another.

We'll be playing via web camera with an actual human being moving the pieces around the board as directed by the players, so no special software is required; just your computer or smartphone logged into Breezycon's Discord server.


We will be hosting a series of sessions on our #codenames Discord channel. How to play Codenames online.

Pick-Up Games

If you're looking for other games, we have a #pickup-games Discord channel so you can find other like-minded gamers to game with.