Breezycon Programming

Breezycon panels are scheduled for Saturday, November 14, 2020, and unless otherwise noted will take place via Zoom meetings. Each panel has a dedicated channel over on our Discord server for discussing the topic before, during, and after the event.

10:00am – Software For Your Home Rapid Prototyping Technology - What's Right For You

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Ok, so you have your 3d printer or CNC milling machine. What comes next? Join us as we discuss our software choices and workflow for our various projects.

Bruce Medic (M), Ken Beach, Richard France

11:00am – 3D Printers and Lasers and CNC Mills, Oh My; The Hardware of Home Rapid Prototyping Technology

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Bruce Medic (M), Ken Beach, Richard France

12:00pm – Information Please

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Information Please, the panel quiz show, returns to Windycon. See if audience submitted questions can stump our panel of experts.

Steven H Silver (M), Bonnie Jones, Jim Mann, Jody Lynn Nye, David Stein

1:00pm – Finding the Art in Science: A STEAM Fireside Chat with Elizabeth Koprucki

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Join us for a discussion with Elizabeth Koprucki, Assistant Director; Fab Lab and Design at the University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, about the STEAM movement and the importance of the interconnection between art and science.

Elizabeth Koprucki

2:00pm – Memorial for Vicki Bone and Amy Wenshe

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Please join us in remembering and honoring Vicki Bone and Amy Wenshe, two longstanding members of the Windycon community who passed away in the preceding year.

Terry O'Brien

3:00pm – Before Hastings

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Steven H Silver, author of the alternate history novel After Hastings, talks about the historical events leading up to the book and the importance of the battle of Hastings

Steven H Silver

4:00pm – The Worldcon is Coming to Chicago in 2022

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This summer, the right to host the 2022 Worldcon was won by Chicago! Join Convention Chair, Helen Montgomery, for a discussion of plans and find out how you can help.

Helen Montgomery

5:00pm – Studio Tour

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A video tour of Ray VanTilburg's shop studio and home studio, a behind the scenes look at Ray's work spaces.

Ray VanTilburg

6:00pm – Character Motivations in a Post-Scarcity World

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A discussion of the sometimes difficult task of establishing compelling motivations for characters to go on adventures and/or capers in a world without material needs or money

Jack Graves

7:00pm – Staying Productive as a Writer Through Lockdown

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Seanan McGuire